Monday, September 27, 2010

Cutting Edge Haunted House...One Hour of Pure Terror

Hello all -- Being from Oklahoma we are limited to the amount of truly great horror attractions we are exposed to, unlike my posting brethren from back east...still jealous JT. Because of this I decided to take the family down south of the Red River, to Fort Worth, TX and visit the Guinness Book of World Record's holder for the Largest Haunted House....Cutting Edge Haunted House.

Cutting Edge Haunted House (CEHH) is a massive 253,000 Square Foot behemoth, which is a complete barrage of sensory overload. From the moment you walk in be prepared to not know which way is up and which way to go....but just knowing there is so much more to go thru is mind boggling. It took us about one hour to walk thru this multi-level house of horror.

CEHH has the main haunt, which took about 40-45 min's, then you go into The Pitt, a large, completely dark maze...after being given instructions by a couple of large screen versions of the Puppet from SAW you are given glow sticks to find you way around and the object is to find the door the says I Want To Live before the lights come on. You are given about 15-20 minutes to find the the way we did not find the door, my wife and I made it out...but, our daughter had to stay behind as an offering to the Halloween spirits. After this you enter the final stage...a massive and long bubble tube, which is completely filled with bubbles. You basically have to dig your way out thru the it was a refreshingly awesome way to end the experience.

CEHHs attention to detail, from the smallest scare to their largest prop is what truly sets it apart from its competitor's. My personal favorite was the meat locker scene...going in you are greeted with a complete wall of fog, blinded by a massive slow blink strobe, an in every other second you believe you are seeing swinging body you are trying to watch them, you run into even more hanging bags on the side. It is hard to put into words what you are seeing, feeling...experiencing, but let me put it to you this way....IT WAS FRIGGIN AWESOME!!!

CEHH staff was the funnest haunt crew I have encountered, Todd James (pictured), a fantastic guy who was more than willing to show us around. A wonderful lady, forgive me but I forgot to write her name down, who lets everyone one in the haunt was a complete joy to talk to and she gave me some great insight on CEHHs mindset towards costumers. NOTE TO ALL HAUNTS...this is a lesson for you all, I know most do this, but some do not. CEHH last year stayed open every night until the last person in line went thru, which meant a few nights they stayed open until 8am....that's right 8am. Think about that for a minute...people love this place so much they are willing to stand in line for 8 hours past closing (midnight) and that CEHHs reward for them was to stay open until every one of them got to experience this menagerie of mayhem.

My only shirts to buy...and after living thru this hour of horror we wanted a souvenier badly. But, I just don't think they had them ready this early in the haunt season.

I could go into so much more detail, but the best thing I could tell you is to just go and check this place out for yourselves. You will not be disappointed.

And a shout out to Willie Harrell and Josh Mowatt, I met them in line..a couple of homies from Oklahoma.

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  1. Man, that sounds like a kick-ass attraction. I would definitely love to check it out sometime. Gonna have to check out all the pics too.

    Very cool!

  2. This was truly a bad-ass attraction. This was my 3rd time and I enjoyed it more this time than the previous 2. I was able to pay closer attention to all the details they put into the haunt. They do an amazing job.

    Mr. Gary B. - it was very nice meeting you and your family. I'm planning on coming up to your attraction very soon. I'm very excited to come through it and get spooked!


  3. The pics on Facebook are kick-ass too! Thanks for sharing.

  4. Amen brother!!!! It was very kick ass!! Can't wait to venture north and see the awesomeness that you and your crew will bring to this haunt!!!