Monday, August 23, 2010

Romero's "Dead" plans

Can't say I'm really excited or looking forward to future installments given Survival. However, Dread Central spoke to Romero and here's what he had to say about future Dead flicks:

"I have plans for two more Dead movies," says Romero. "Just like Survival they revolve around more characters from Diary. The next one I'd like to make will focus on the African-American guys who were like a band of looters. If Survival makes money, it'll happen. I want to shoot it noir style with maybe an abandoned building or factory as the setting. Something lit a specific way to cast these huge shadows. The next one after that would focus on the Texas girl who escaped from the mansion. She's got a story to tell I think."

There ya have it.


  1. JT,

    Maybe the girl from Texas should tell both stories. It couldn't be any worse than the yarns Romero's been spinning.


  2. eh....Mr. Romero has been a little disappointing lately. Maybe he should just produce them now and had the rains over to someone else to direct...Zack Snyder did a great job with his remake, Aja maybe?