Monday, August 30, 2010

Pennhurst Asylum - Spring City, PA

The Bates family is at it again! That's right, the group behind Arasapha Farms Bates Motel & Haunted Hayride are unleashing their newest haunted attraction this Halloween season.

Pennhurst Asylum is located in Spring City, PA, and looks like it will be another terrifying and amazing haunt experience.
The asylum opens on September 24th, and will be open weekends through early November.

If you are in the Philly area, definitely put this new haunt on your list of Halloween to-do's.


  1. I really have to move to the East coast. :) Thanks for sharing....I gotta go start packing :D


  2. That looks, to use an old phrase, totally awesome! I wish I could go.

  3. I'm so excited! Best thing since Eastern State! This place is legend around here....