Friday, August 27, 2010

Hauntcast 22: Reign of Terror

Yo yo yo, calling all cool ghouls! Da G/Host Chris Baker has unleashed his latest unearthly creation - Hauntcast 22! Check it out!

Behind the scenes mastermind of one of New England’s best haunted attractions, SPOOKYWORLD, and now a freelance special effects artist and haunted attraction consultant, Chris interviews this month’s haunting guru, ED GANNON.

Music? Ambient noise? Sound effect? Part 2 of Rev’s dissertation on the use of sound in a haunt.
JT taps a keg, oils himself up and takes a savory bite out of PIRANHA 3D.
The Mistress of Mayhem remembers those old Collegeville and Ben Cooper, Inc. Halloween costumes!
The good Doctor gives listeners sound proptological advice.
Chris Baker’s (yes, THAT Chris Baker), Candy Table Terror.
Highlights from the 10th Annual New England Haunters Gathering.

Grab your beverage of choice, sit back, relax - and take in the glory that is Hauntcast! Stay scary!

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