Monday, August 9, 2010

Ferrara's Jekyll & Hyde update

By way of update on my earlier post about this film, looks like it ain't happening anytime soon.

As we know, it was set to star Forest Whitaker and 50 Cent in a story which was to be a modern update of the classic story. Whitaker dropped out of the film in the Spring, and now here's what Ferrara had to say:

"'s not gonna get made. Warner Brothers have put up about one fifth of what the film should cost and want about one third of what it's gonna make, and I'm supposed to kiss the feet of whoever made that deal. They never made Jekyll & Hyde the way it was written. It's a guy and his creation. Having one actor play both parts is an abomination, a distortion of Stevenson's story. It's a masterpiece. I'm gonna make it one day."

So, don't look for this anytime soon which is a real shame. Of course, the Keanu Reeves J&H project is still in development but I am not really looking forward to that one.

More details as they come.


  1. What?! Not looking forward to Mr. Monotone in a Jekyll and Hyde story?
    And you call yourself a movie reviewer! ;o)

  2. I am not going to lose any sleep over this, I thinker this version would have been a little lame anyway. I love Whitaker BUT 50 thanks