Friday, August 27, 2010

Dancin' Frankenstein and The Monster Mash at Hallmark

I picked these up a couple of weeks ago at Hallmark for our daughter, and she loves them. She especially loves the dancing Frankenstein (yes, yes, we know it should have "Monster" after it, but I'll let it slide) and has fun dancing along with him.

This same character appears in the really fun book version of The Monster Mash which takes the song's lyrics and illustrates them. The art is fun, and c'mon, it's The Monster Mash.


  1. Hey, J.T.! How much does the dancing Frankenstein cost? I gotta have one!

  2. Hey Doc! Long time no shriek!

    Sorry, I thought I included the link, but didn't. I just edited to include that info.

    In typical Hallmark deviltry, he's $14.95 when you buy 3 cards; otherwise, he retails $29.95. I'm sure if you wait until right around H'ween or after, he'll go on sale.

  3. No Hallmark around here. I shall have to envy you your finds!