Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Arasapha Farms Bates Motel & Haunted Hayride - acting gig update

Just wanted to give everybody a quick update regarding my acting gig at Arasapha Farms this Halloween season.

We had our orientation and character/scene assignment on Monday. I am pleased to share that I have a really great character, and a fangtastic scene in the Haunted Corn Maze! I love the maze, and have always enjoyed going through it and enjoying more than a few scares along the way. It was great to be shown my area and get a feel for the props, lighting and general vibe in the locale. I even got to go through the entire maze a couple of times to get a better sense of the layout and scares along the way. Man, what a cool experience that was!

I also spent some time with the makeup artist and costume department and got a sense of how my character will look and be dressed. It ain't gonna be pretty, that's for sure!

I've spent the past few days going over the character, my scene, costume and backstory. I'm trying to develop them all to make sure I'm ready for our run through in September. Man, I can't wait for opening night on October 1st!

For anyone not familiar with the attraction, here are plenty of links you should check out:

The official site, along with their multimedia page where you can watch The Travel Channel segment featuring the farm

Haunted House Online (page all the way down to the bottom)

Halloween Data Base

Haunters Digest

If you are anywhere in the PA area, definitely come check out Arasapha Farms!


  1. That sounds like a blast! I'm so glad you're having so much fun with it!

  2. Definitely share the backstory with us closer to Halloween!

  3. So when you're rich and notorious, we can say we knew you when? ;)

  4. What an absolute blast you are going to pics when you can.