Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Dollar Tree junk.... er I mean loot

I ran there over lunch to grab some wrapping paper and bows for our daughter's birthday presents, and completely forgot they had their Halloween junk out. Using my Droid, I made like Peter Parker and snapped a few pics.

I know it's cheap junk - but I love it!

Ghostbusters 3 update

Latino Review has some new info up, including a plot summary and word of returning cast.

Lovecraft scholar criticizes del Toro's "At The Mountains of Madness" script

This story is interesting for sure.

"Hellboy" meets "The Thing"?


Monday, August 30, 2010

Creepy snowglobes

I thought these might appeal to the warped and twisted minds of all you haunters and horror fiends.

Check 'em out.

Pennhurst Asylum - Spring City, PA

The Bates family is at it again! That's right, the group behind Arasapha Farms Bates Motel & Haunted Hayride are unleashing their newest haunted attraction this Halloween season.

Pennhurst Asylum is located in Spring City, PA, and looks like it will be another terrifying and amazing haunt experience.
The asylum opens on September 24th, and will be open weekends through early November.

If you are in the Philly area, definitely put this new haunt on your list of Halloween to-do's.

The Raven (201?)

Check this out! John Cusack is set to star as Poe in the James McTeigue-directed flick The Raven. The film, set in Baltimore in the 1850s, will be a "serial killer thriller in which the famed horror author would have to solve clues of a string of murders based on his stories."

I think this sounds like it has potential to be a cool film given the premise.

Underground (201?)

Here's news of Neil Marshall's next project, and it sounds pretty interesting.

Titled Underground, the script from David Cohen is set in "the world of gourmet underground supper clubs." Uhm, ok what does that mean exactly?

". . . the protagonist is an ambitious young chef who ventures into the terrifying underbelly of extreme cuisine." Everyone's guessing cannibalism. Maybe Anthony from Long Pigs will want to make a reservation?

More details as they come.

Happy birthday Mary Shelley

Happy birthday to Mary Wollenstone Shelley, author of "Frankenstein", born this day in 1797.

Her birthday is also celebrated as Frankenstein Day. Dig out your old copy of the novel, fire up the DVD player and watch the film, or even watch a Munsters rerun in her honor!

The novel and her story live on and on, just like the Monster itself. Cheers!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Trailer Time: The Thing with Two Heads (1972)

"They transplanted a white bigot's head on a soul brother's body!"

The first installment of the new Trailer Trash segment here at the MSF features one of my favorite 70's flicks.

That's right, boils and ghouls, it is the gloriously over the top '70s classic The Thing with Two Heads starring Rosey Grier and Ray Milland. Sit back, suspend all disbelief (and good taste!) and enjoy!!

Friday, August 27, 2010

Hauntcast 22: Reign of Terror

Yo yo yo, calling all cool ghouls! Da G/Host Chris Baker has unleashed his latest unearthly creation - Hauntcast 22! Check it out!

Behind the scenes mastermind of one of New England’s best haunted attractions, SPOOKYWORLD, and now a freelance special effects artist and haunted attraction consultant, Chris interviews this month’s haunting guru, ED GANNON.

Music? Ambient noise? Sound effect? Part 2 of Rev’s dissertation on the use of sound in a haunt.
JT taps a keg, oils himself up and takes a savory bite out of PIRANHA 3D.
The Mistress of Mayhem remembers those old Collegeville and Ben Cooper, Inc. Halloween costumes!
The good Doctor gives listeners sound proptological advice.
Chris Baker’s (yes, THAT Chris Baker), Candy Table Terror.
Highlights from the 10th Annual New England Haunters Gathering.

Grab your beverage of choice, sit back, relax - and take in the glory that is Hauntcast! Stay scary!

The Last Exorcism (2010)

Flick opens today, boils and ghouls. But you probably already knew that, didn't ya?

I'm going to check it out and we'll review on September's Hauntcast. I have to admit, I'm not a big fan of possession films, and I'm also burned out on the whole "found footage" thing, but I'm strangely intrigued by the trailer.

Let me know what you think if you catch it too.

Dancin' Frankenstein and The Monster Mash at Hallmark

I picked these up a couple of weeks ago at Hallmark for our daughter, and she loves them. She especially loves the dancing Frankenstein (yes, yes, we know it should have "Monster" after it, but I'll let it slide) and has fun dancing along with him.

This same character appears in the really fun book version of The Monster Mash which takes the song's lyrics and illustrates them. The art is fun, and c'mon, it's The Monster Mash.

Welcome to Weirdsville - The Silly Side of Halloween

I'm sure most Halloween fanatics are already aware of this, as it's a couple of years old by now, but I've really been digging this free and fun internet radio show.

I've been streaming Welcome to Weirdsville - The Silly Side of Halloween via the Shoutcast Radio app on my Droid, and it's really a kooky and fun listen. These are my kind of Halloween songs, from the well known classic novelties to the really obscure and bizarre, with comedy bits acting as bumpers.

From the official press release in 2008:

Welcome to Weirdsville, part of the NeverEndingWonder Halloween Radio Empire, plays all the Halloween novelty hits and plenty of Halloween & horror related novelty music and comedy bits that you'll have a hard time finding elsewhere. Everything from Monster Mash & The Purple People Eater to hundreds of crazy horror themed songs from the big band era, the monster craze of the 50s & 60s right up to present day.

You'll hear Spike Jones, Weird Al, Dickie Goodman, Allen Sherman, Bob McFadden, Sheldon Allman, Elvira, Zacherle and hundreds more.

Added to the mix recently were The Munsters at Home, The Addams Family TV Soundtrack, Astro Al's Psychedelic Drive-In Music, horror movie radio promos from the early 60s, and dozens more monster novelties and breakin records.

It's kitschy retro Halloween fun at it's finest. In other words, right up my alley, and, I dare suspect, most of yours as well! If you haven't given it a listen, go check it out right now.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Elvira's Movie Macabre update

Here's an Elvira update, boils and ghouls!

Per her Twitter account, the show debuts on September 25th on THIS!, as well as other local affiliates including those in LA, Chicago, Atlanta and Pittsburgh (and more to be announced). The first flick to be shown?

Romero's Night of the Living Dead.

Be sure to also check out her official site for more updates. Thanks to STYD for the head's up!

The Return of William Castle/Film Forum, NY, NY/August 27-September 6

Here's a really cool event happening in NYC. Thanks to DC for the head's up.

From the Press Release
THE RETURN OF WILLIAM CASTLE, a 15-film festival of horror and exploitation classics by the director and master showman, complete with their original gimmicks (Emergo!, Percepto!, Illusion-O!, and others – including one created exclusively for Film Forum), will run at Film Forum from August 27-September 6 (two weeks). This is the return of Castle’s gimmick movies to Film Forum – after a 15-year hiatus.

Castle (1914-1977) made over forty B movies before hitting on a formula for box office success: low-budget chillers geared to the burgeoning Youth-sploitation market, including such effective Hitchcock imitations as Macabre, Strait-Jacket (the latter scripted by Psycho's Robert Bloch), and Homicidal – which TIME magazine liked better than Psycho. Castle often appeared himself as a master of ceremonies à la Hitchcock, whose success and persona he strenuously attempted to emulate. A master of ballyhoo, Castle shamelessly promoted his pictures with cheesy, but highly effective gimmicks, which will be lovingly re-created for the festival.

THE RETURN OF WILLIAM CASTLE opens on August 27 & 28 (Friday/Saturday) with a double feature of HOMICIDAL, Castle's quick cash-in on Psycho (the one TIME magazine preferred to the original). Will you hold out after the Fright Break? Terrified audience members are given one minute to leave before the conclusion, but must sit in the lobby's Coward’s Corner! It will be shown on a double bill with STRAIT-JACKET, scripted by Psycho author Robert Bloch: Joan Crawford, returning from a 20-year asylum stint after hacking up her husband, is the obvious suspect when heads start rolling anew. Warning: STRAIT-JACKET vividly depicts axe murders!

Vincent Price, the Castle star par excellence, stars in HOUSE ON HAUNTED HILL (Sunday, August 29): there's a ghost for everyone when eccentric millionaire Price rounds up a motley crew of strangers for a little house party. Haunted Hill's black humor and goose-fleshy atmosphere will be further enhanced by the miracle of Emergo! – a process "more startling than 3-D!" MR. SARDONICUS, screening with Haunted Hill on Sunday, features Castle’s famed “Punishment Poll.” The face of sadistic Baron Sardonicus gets stuck in a terrified grin, concealed behind an expressionless mask as he takes it out on the rest of the cast. Should he come to a horrible end? His fate is decided when the audience is given special glow-in-the-dark ballots to vote on the outcome of this most heinous fiend.

Screening as a triple feature on Monday, August 30 are three of Castle's B movies based on the popular radio mystery series "The Whistler": THE WHISTLER, with guilt- ridden Richard Dix hiring by-the-book hit man J. Carrol Nash to kill him through a middle man (The method? Death by fright!); MARK OF THE WHISTLER, with bum Dix deciding to cash in on a long-dormant bank account coincidentally in his name; and MYSTERIOUS INTRUDER, with crooked private eye Dix hired to find the benefactor of a mysterious bequest.

Other Castle gimmick movies to be screened during the festival include MACABRE screening on Wednesday, September 1: doctor William Prince races against time to find his buried-alive-by-a-madman daughter. Due to the horrifying nature of this picture, each patron will receive a $1,000,000 policy insuring against Death by Fright (certain restrictions apply); showing with 13 GHOSTS, presented in Illusion-O!: vengeful spirits (visible only with specially-provided "Ghost Viewers") plague a creepy old mansion's new middle class residents.

Screening on Thursday, September 2 is THE NIGHT WALKER, starring screen legend Barbara Stanwyck (in her final film) as a wealthy widow haunted in recurring dreams by her decidedly dead blown-up husband, co-starring Stanwyck’s real-life ex, Robert Taylor; and LET’S KILL UNCLE, the exact suggestion of Mary Badham (Scout from To Kill a Mockingbird) to teenaged pal – and heir to $5 mil ¬– Pat Cardi, when his uncle/guardian cheerfully admits murder's his own plan.

The rare Castle Film Noir WHEN STRANGERS MARRY will also have a single screening (at 6:30 only) on September 2: Kim Hunter weds glove salesman Dean Jagger after their first date, then hears there's a gloved strangler on the loose–but old flame Robert Mitchum is there to help. Shot in 7 days for $50,000, Strangers was hailed by Orson Welles as "better acted than Double Indemnity and Laura."

Two Castle 3-D movies will be projected in their original double-system format: JESSE JAMES VS. THE DALTONS (September 3 & 4, Friday/Saturday, at 6:30 only): Brett King believes he's the son of the notorious bandit, and hooks up with the Daltons to try and learn the truth, but 3-D'd sexpot Barbara Lawrence is raison d'être enough for this Castle oater; and the French & Indian War “Eastern” FORT TI (September 5 & 6, Sunday/Monday at 6:30 only), with colonial George Montgomery teaming up with Redcoats as they go toe-to-toe against the Frenchies at Fort Ticonderoga.

The most famous Castle film of all – and a Film Forum tradition – is THE TINGLER, with its spine-tingling PERCEPTO!, the ultimate in audience participation, to be shown over Labor Day weekend (September 3-6, Friday-Sunday). "Get ready to scream – scream for your lives!" when Vincent Price's fear experiments unleash that centipede-like thing right onto the spinal cords of our terrified audience. Featuring the original blood-splattered color sequence and the screen's very first acid trip, experienced by the audience via Goldstein’s own innovation, PSYCHEDELORAMA!
Accompanying all shows of The Tingler will be Psycho: The Trailer, the legendary six-minute preview, with Alfred Hitchcock himself squeamishly taking us on a tour of the Bates House. (Psycho, celebrating its 50th Anniversary, will have a one-week run at Film Forum during Halloween Week, October 29-November 4).

Public Screening Schedule
• AUGUST 26/27 Fri/Sat (2 Films for 1 Admission)
1:00, 4:35, 8:10
STRAIT-JACKET (1964) Joan Crawford
2:45. 6:20, 10:00
• AUGUST 29 Sun (2 Films for 1 Admission)
Vincent Price
2:45, 6:05, 9:25
1:00, 4:20, 7:40
• AUGUST 30 Mon (3 Films for 1 Admission)
THE WHISTLER (1944) New 35mm Print!
Richard Dix, J. Carrol Naish
1:00, 4:45, 8:30
MARK OF THE WHISTLER (1944) New 35mm Print!
Richard Dix
2:15, 6:00, 9:45
MYSTERIOUS INTRUDER (1946) New 35mm Print!
Richard Dix
3:30, 7:15
• SEPTEMBER 1 Wed (2 Films for 1 Admission)
William Prince
2:50, 6:10, 9:10
Martin Milner, Rosemary DeCamp, Margaret Hamilton
1:00, 4:20, 7:40
• SEPTEMBER 2 Thu (2 Films for 1 Admission)
THE NIGHT WALKER (1964) Barbara Stanwyck, Robert Taylor
2:50, 8:20
LET'S KILL UNCLE (1962) Mary Badham, Pat Cardi
1:00, 4:30*, 10:00
*4:30 show is a single feature only
• SEPTEMBER 2 Thu (Separate Admission)
WHEN STRANGERS MARRY (1944) Kim Hunter, Dean Jagger, Robert Mitchum
6:35 ONLY
• SEPTEMBER 3/4/5/6 Fri/Sat/Sun/Mon
Vincent Price, Darryl Hickman, Judith Evelyn
Plus Psycho–The Trailer
1:00, 2:50, 4:40, 8:15, 10:05
• SEPTEMBER 3/4 Fri/Sat (Separate Admission)
JESSE JAMES VS. THE DALTONS (1954) Brett King, Barbara Lawrence
6:30 ONLY
• SEPTEMBER 5/6 Sun/Mon (Separate Admission)
FORT TI (1953) George Montgomery
6:30 ONLY

All the details can be found at Film Forum's official site.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Arasapha Farms Bates Motel & Haunted Hayride - acting gig update

Just wanted to give everybody a quick update regarding my acting gig at Arasapha Farms this Halloween season.

We had our orientation and character/scene assignment on Monday. I am pleased to share that I have a really great character, and a fangtastic scene in the Haunted Corn Maze! I love the maze, and have always enjoyed going through it and enjoying more than a few scares along the way. It was great to be shown my area and get a feel for the props, lighting and general vibe in the locale. I even got to go through the entire maze a couple of times to get a better sense of the layout and scares along the way. Man, what a cool experience that was!

I also spent some time with the makeup artist and costume department and got a sense of how my character will look and be dressed. It ain't gonna be pretty, that's for sure!

I've spent the past few days going over the character, my scene, costume and backstory. I'm trying to develop them all to make sure I'm ready for our run through in September. Man, I can't wait for opening night on October 1st!

For anyone not familiar with the attraction, here are plenty of links you should check out:

The official site, along with their multimedia page where you can watch The Travel Channel segment featuring the farm

Haunted House Online (page all the way down to the bottom)

Halloween Data Base

Haunters Digest

If you are anywhere in the PA area, definitely come check out Arasapha Farms!

Bruce Campbell update

MTV caught up with Mr. Campell, and, among other stuff, they chatted about the Bruce vs. Frankenstein flick.

Movie Poster Fun: Blackenstein (1973)

Fueling my on-going obsession with the wonderfully inept film, here's yet another variant poster for Blackenstein, here with the alternate title Black Frankenstein.

Much like the film, this poster makes no sense given that it has no resemblance to the monster in the story. This one isn't nearly as fun as the one with the screaming woman, but still fun.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The Walking Dead trailer - Premieres 10/31 @ 10:00 p.m.

Here it is, gang - the trailer for AMC's adaptation of The Walking Dead.

Check it out here, or on AMC's site.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Romero's "Dead" plans

Can't say I'm really excited or looking forward to future installments given Survival. However, Dread Central spoke to Romero and here's what he had to say about future Dead flicks:

"I have plans for two more Dead movies," says Romero. "Just like Survival they revolve around more characters from Diary. The next one I'd like to make will focus on the African-American guys who were like a band of looters. If Survival makes money, it'll happen. I want to shoot it noir style with maybe an abandoned building or factory as the setting. Something lit a specific way to cast these huge shadows. The next one after that would focus on the Texas girl who escaped from the mansion. She's got a story to tell I think."

There ya have it.

Happy birthday H.P. Lovecraft

Happy belated birthday to author Howard Phillips "H. P." Lovecraft (August 20, 1890 –March 15, 1937).

Star Costumes Horror Scholarship

I received an email from Star Costumes asking if I would help them spread the word about a $1,000.00 scholarship they are offering to a student studying to work in the horror industry.

Head over to their site for all the details and info.

Want to go shopping?

The owner of the The Amityville Horror house is holding a moving sale!

Friday, August 20, 2010

Piranha 3D (2010) - opens today

Yup, gang, it's here - Piranha 3D!

This big, loud, gross slab o' summer cheese opens today. I am checking it out tonight and will bring you my slightly inebriated review on next week's Hauntcast.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Hellraiser: Revelations (201?)

Thanks to STYD for the head's up on this news:

Sources within Clive Barker's camp have informed us of new Hellraiser (!) film that's rapidly going into production.

Details are scarce at the moment, but the film is called Hellraiser: Revelations and is based on a script by Gary Tunnicliffe. Victor Garcia is sitting in the director's seat.

They go on to write that this is indeed another "stand alone" film, and is not the long-rumored and seemingly stalled remake. More info and details to come.


Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Happy Birthday to The Amazing Criswell!

Happy birthday to The Amazing Criswell (1907-1982)!!

Best known to genre fans for his roles in Ed Wood's classic films Night of the Ghouls (1959), Plan 9 From Outer Space (1959) and Orgy of the Dead (1965), he was also very well known for his bizarre and outlandish predictions of the future.

Plus, he had a pretty nifty Halloween novelty hit that I love.

Happy birthday to a one of a kind!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

House of the Wolf Man - DVD release September 28th

House of the Wolfman will be available on DVD in just about a month.

If you haven't checked it out yet, here's your chance. Thanks to STYD for the news!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Happy Saturday the 14th!

And a Happy Saturday the 14th to y'all!

Geez, I haven't seen this flick since I was a kid.........Oh well, cheers!

Friday, August 13, 2010

Friday the 13th turns 30

Here's a cool article about the flick that introduced us to Mama Vorhees and her delightful little son, Jason.

And here's even more local fun about the film.

Wow - 30 years of slicin' and dicin'.

The Gate 3D (2011)

Yup, the 1987 film The Gate is the latest 3D redo willy coming our way from the braintrust in Tinseltown.

Director Alex Winter talks about his flick here.


Happy Friday the 13th!

Have a good one, boils and ghouls! Cheers!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

"Vampirella" from Dynamite Entertainment

New comic book hitting your local shop soon. Thanks to CBR for the press release:

Dynamite Entertainment is pleased to introduce Vampirella to a new audience of readers! Vampirella's back and is hot on the trail of her nemesis, Vlad Dracula. It's a darker world for Vampirella, and something even more sinister than vampires lurks in the shadows, something that even Dracula himself has cause to fear. Vampirella is all that stands between us . . . . . . .and the end of the world!
Vampirella #1 is written by Eric Trautmann (Action Comics co-written with Greg Rucka), illustrated by Wagner Reis and will arrive at comic shops this November.
"It's a genuine pleasure to be adding to the 'legend' of Vampirella," says writer Eric Trautmann. "There's a long roster of talented creators - Forrest Ackerman, Archie Goodwin, Kurt Busiek, Warren Ellis, James Robinson, Grant Morrison to name just a few - have cast a long shadow over Vampirella. It's an honor to be able to add to that long, rich history, and add some of my own peculiar brand of weirdness to it all. I think people will be really surprised by Wagner's work; he brings a real sense of realism and danger to the page, and manages to create a sexy, intelligent, dangerous Vampirella. Dynamite has been very welcoming, and the experience of working with them has been tremendous fun, and hopefully that translates to the printed page."

"Eric's a talented writer who we're proud to be working with, after first catching our eye while working with Greg Rucka on Action Comics," adds Dynamite President Nick Barrucci. "Dynamite Entertainment is incredibly proud of Eric's vision for Vampirella and we ask fans to join us on what will surely be a fun ride! We're extremely proud to show one of the premiere covers to Vampirella #1 with art by J. Scott Campbell and colorist Nei Ruffino! In the next few days, we will be showing more cover art from Vampirella as well as fantastic interior pages!"

Vampirella debuted in 1969 in a black & white magazine titled simply VAMPIRELLA. With a stunning cover by legendary artist, Frank Frazetta, Vampirella #1 quickly made publishing history with its depiction of a vampire heroine, and its success prompted comics giants DC and Marvel to launch horror titles of their own. Vampirella appeared in this magazine format throughout the 1970's. Many of these classic stories were illustrated by the legendary artist Jose Gonzalez and have remained quite popular with comics fans to the present day. After a brief publishing hiatus, Vampirella returned in 1992 and quickly regained her reigning status as the queen of all female comics characters! In continuous publication since her early 90s comeback, Vampirella has been written by top talents including Alan Moore, Mark Millar, Grant Morrison, James Robinson, Jeph Loeb, Warren Ellis, and illustrated by fan favorite artists such as Joe Quesada, J. Scott Campbell, Michael Turner, Jae Lee, Adam Hughes, Mark Texeira, Joe Jusko, Arthur Suydam, and many more! A Vampirella feature film premiered on Showtime Networks in 1996, and the character continues to appear on numerous items of licensed merchandise. Earlier this year, Dynamite Entertainment acquired the Vampirella property from Harris Publications. Vampirella is now a part of Dynamite's thriving comic book line-up, which includes Green Hornet, Project Superpowers, The Boys, The Lone Ranger, Zorro, Army of Darkness, Red Sonja and more.

BAM’S “Bela Lugosi’s Dead, Vampires Live Forever”- Brooklyn, NY - Now through 9/30

Check out this cool film festival that is running August through the end of September at BAM in Brooklyn, NY.

From the site:

Sink your teeth into 33 films featuring cinema’s most dangerous—and dangerously alluring—figure. From Lugosi to the lesbian undead, Murnau to Maddin, camp-horror staple to postmodern, society-as-sickness metaphor, the vampire’s reign over popular imagination continues to seduce filmmakers over to the dark side.

They are screening many wonderful vampire classics, so if you are in the area, check it out.

Peter Block new head of FearNet

Peter Block has been named President and General Manager of FearNet, according to Variety.

Look for FearNet to also expand from its on-demand and website services to include a "high-definition linear cable channel" on October 1st.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Poe biopic directed by Stallone

I recall reading about this dream project of his a long while back, and now Stallone talked a bit about it to MTV.

Here's what he had to say:

"I will direct it, but it's never gonna live up to the hype," he said. He jokingly added, "No matter what I do it's going to bomb, totally. Totally! When you've been talking about something for 30 years, it's impossible [to live up to those expectations]."

And who exactly would he like to see as the author?

"It has be like Downey, I designed it for Downey," he explained. "Perhaps I could re-work the script. [Maybe] Johnny Depp. It needs a very special actor like that." While it doesn't sound like there's been any recent momentum on the project, Stallone was quick to add, "I'm sure there's something on the horizon."

And who would you like to see in the role? Think Stallone's directing chops are up to snuff? Who even knows if this will ever be made. Time will tell......

Lon Chaney by Tony Harris

Check out this amazing drawing by kick-ass comic artist Tony Harris. I am a huge fan of his work, especially when he illustrated Jack Knight's adventures as Starman.

Many thanks to my fiendish pal Gary B. for the link!

Taiwan haunt actors attacked

My favorite line in this really bizarre story............

"A male employee in a zombie costume was slapped in the face by a man whose girlfriend had been scared out of her wits, she said. The man later explained he wanted to find out whether the 'ghost' was real or not."

Wow, Taiwan has real zombies and ghosts on the loose? I better book my flight ASAP, and see if Scoob and the gang can come with me just to make sure.

La Llorona haunts Halloween Horror Nights

Yup, here's even more Halloween Horror Nights coolness thanks to our friends at Latino Review.


Universal City, California— La Llorona, whose fearful story of melancholy and murder has terrified Mexican and Latin American children for generations, will cast a grim shadow upon guests at Universal Studios HollywoodSM this fall as her dreaded presence is unleashed upon guests at the 2010 Halloween Horror Nights® event, where the legends of horror come to life.

According to the legend, a beautiful Mexican woman fell in love and married the most handsome man in the village. She bore two beautiful children, but her husband soon fell in love with another woman. Blinded by jealousy, the woman ran with her children to a river, where her faithless husband was courting his new love. Enraged, she threw her children into the river, where the current carried them away. When she realized what she had done, she threw herself into the river as well.

But the woman did not leave this Earth. Late at night, in the deep woods, or by a small creek, children can hear her weeping, searching in vain for her lost children. “La Llorona,(“the crying woman”) they call her, for she frequently wails “My children, where are my children?” Her frail, drenched body is a chilling sight; any child wandering alone is sure to be snatched as her newest victim.

At the 2010 Halloween Horror Nights event, La Llorona will stalk guests as they make their way through the Universal back lot as part of the all-new “Terror Tram” experience and she’ll also terrorize her own “Scare Zone,” hiding within the shadows of a gauntlet haunted by the ghosts of her dead victims.

Wow - this year is shaping up to be a way cool horror-themed event. Also scream out to my bud Craig for the head's up on this story!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Clive Barker's Dark Bazaar

Check out Clive Barker's kick-ass Halloween mask, costume and accessory site!

From the deepest, darkest place in Clive Barker’s mind, comes the Dark Bazaar, a unique line of costumes and accessories that takes Halloween to a whole new level. Clive is turning his one of a kind artistic vision into a wearable form that is like no other. Enter, if you dare, into the fantastical world of Clive Barker!

The site even includes a "making of" video.

Very cool!

Dracula: The Company of Monsters #1/Preview

I first posted about this new comic book back in June, and now, thanks to BOOM! Studios and our pals at CBR, let's check out a sneak peak!

"Dracula: The Company of Monsters" #1 is from Kurt Busiek, Daryl Gregory and Scott Godlewski with a cover by Dan Brereton. Will be available on August 25th and set you back $3.99.

I plan on giving the first ish a shot, and we'll see how it goes.

Frankenweenie gets release date

Updating a Hauntcast segment from waaaaaaaaaaaaay back, Tim Burton's full length remake of his Frankenweenie short has a release date. Look for this to hit your theater on March 9, 2012.

By way of background information, check out this story, this one, and this one.

A full length black and white 3D Frankenweeine of any interest to you?

Monday, August 9, 2010

"The Fall of the House of Usher" audio drama by Macabre Mansion

With a cast that includes Jim O'Rear, John Billingsley, Bonita Friedericy and Kevin Sorbo, this audio adapation of the classic story sounds intriguing to this Poe fan.

From the official site:

"The Fall Of The House Of Usher" is an Audio Drama adaptation of the classic short story of the same name by Edgar Allan Poe. This adaptation stays true to Poe's original vision with only minor changes in dialogue. The script consists of four speaking roles; Roderick Usher, Madeline Usher, the family Doctor and the Narrator who is an un-named childhood friend of Roderick. The Audio Drama will have the same feel and style of the classic Old Time Radio shows.

This Audio Drama is the first in a series of planed Macabre Mansion Original recordings. Our goal is to produce and preserve significant works of classic literature in an audio theater format, and provide the widest possible access and exposure to these great classic works.

Also note that a portion of the proceeds goes to benefit "A World Fit for Kids." More information coming soon.