Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Tobe Hooper's White Zombie remake is dead

A year or so ago, news broke that Tobe Hooper was working on a remake of my favorite Lugosi film, White Zombie (1932). At the time, I had mixed feelings given that I, like most genre fans, have had enough of the redo-willies and creatively bankrupt remakes being churned out by the Hollywood machine. That, plus the fact that the film has such a wonderful and bizarre dream-like quality, I knew it would never be equalled or surpassed.

However, I did welcome a zombie flick (which frankly are becoming a bit of a bore, but that's another tirade.....) which returned to the voodoo and magic based theme, rather than the Romero-style undead we've seen for the past 40 years.

Well, STYD caught up with Hooper and he indicated that the project is dead due to "rights issues." The screenwriter, Jared Rivet, shares the full story here.

Perhaps we all dodged the proverbial bullet on this one. Who knows. In the meantime, I'm going to pop the flick in the DVD player tonight and enjoy one of the creepiest flicks of the 30s, thanks in large part to Murder Legendre...........


  1. I love the original, and a remake by Hooper would have caught my interest, but with his recent slate of films, I doubt it would have been any good.

    Than again, maybe its been a dream project of Hoopers and he would have put a bit more effort than his latest batch of crappy films. Hooper is one of those directors that "lost it" for me. He's never really ever been "back" as a horror director, sadly.

  2. TFC...I totally agree, he has not made anything really good since Poltergeist, I might throw a little nod towards The Mangler, but do you see the craptastic Mortuary? Holly Moses is was utterly awful. So I think I am glad this remake is not being made, especially with all of the disappointments lately, except for The Crazies, best of remakes this far.