Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Super-8 Movie Madness - The Way Out Club, St. Louis, MO - August 3rd

Scream out to tomsmonstertoys for the head's up on this fun and kooky event. From his post:

SUPER-8 MOVIE MADNESS at the Way Out Club in St. Louis will be held on Tuesday August 3 from 8pm to Midnight. These are Super-8 Sound films condensed from features (they average 15 minutes in length) and will be projected on a large screen at the Way Out Club. Admission is a measly THREE BUCKS!!!!

This is our Eleventh great monthly show and the lineup for August 3 is: Boris Karloff in FRANKENSTEIN, Clint Eastwood in WHERE EAGLES DARE, Dean Martin as Matt Helm in THE SILENCERS, a Vincent Price Trailer Reel, SMOKEY AND THE BANDIT, The battle with the Hydra from JASON AND THE ARGONAUTS, JOan Crawford in STRAIGHT JACKET, Christopher Lee in SCARS OF DRACULA, SPILLS AND CHILLS, Lon Chaney in MAN MADE MONSTER, The Three Stooges in CALLING ALL CURS,THE INCREDIBLE SHRINKING MAN, Roger Corman's A BUCKET OF BLOOD, and a special 35 minute cut of THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK!

There will be movie posters, passes and other stuff given away. The Way Out Club is located at 2525 Jefferson Avenue in South St. Louis (corner of Jefferson and Gravois). There are yummy Way-Out pizzas available for only $8.00.

Sounds like a great night out if you are in the area. For more info, check out The Way Out Club here.

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