Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The Human Centipede II (Full Sequence) (2011)

For anyone else who dug The Human Centipede (First Sequence) this year, here are a few interesting quotes from DC's interview with Tom Six, wherein he discusses his planned trilogy of medical horror flicks.

“When I was writing the first Human Centipede, I had so many more ideas that really pushed the envelope, actually way further than you see even in the first film, so I always intended for this to be a trilogy,” Six explained. “My goal was that the first film will get audiences used to the concept of a human centipede and prepares them for where everything goes in the next two.”

“When you make a sequel, you are very vulnerable as a director. That comes from your responsibility as a director to not disappoint your audience, especially that now there are more expectations. They’ve seen what you can do. My job is to work really hard to create something original and engaging. I think the next two Human Centipede films will completely blow people away. They won’t believe their eyes when I’m done with them,” added Six.

"The first film will seem like My Little Pony compared to what we do with the sequel. There will be a lot of black humor, and I’m excited as a director to see how far I can push audiences. We start shooting this June in London, and we’re looking to release the sequel before the end of the year if post-production goes well,” added Six.

For the full sit-down, head over to Dread Central and enjoy the ATM fun for yourself!

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  1. He did a Q&A in NYC and he said the next centipede would be more than 10...seems like a cool guy. I asked a question about the audition process and the answers were priceless.