Friday, July 30, 2010

Hauntcast 21: Dead Hookerfest

What up, boils and ghouls! Hauntcast 21 is here!Check out what haunted goodness da G/Host Chris Baker has for us this month:
2009 was the final year for one of the country’s most unique haunt displays, HAUNTED TIKI ISLAND. With a brand new theme in the works and a fantastic how-to blog, THE DEVIL’S WORKSHOP, we fondly wave goodbye to the Island and take a ride with this month’s haunting guru, Craig Schriber aka DEVILS CHARIOT. Whether it’s music, ambient noise or sound effects, Rev gives deep aural on the subtleties of sound in a haunt. The boys chew the fat on Long Pigs, a few horror books, upcoming TV shows and coming attractions.
The Mistress of Mayhem covers the fine art of adding realism to your haunted cemetery… on the cheap! The good Doctor gives listeners sound proptological advice.
HERE’S JOHNNY’s $20 wallbreaker prop.
Halloween memories from my sordid past.

Go listen now and stay scary!


  1. Completely Awesome, as always! Hey, Johnny, did you learn about "Long Pigs" from the Pumpkinrot blog? That's where I found it. Just wondering.

  2. Thanks.

    No, actually the film company contacted me a few months ago and sent me a bunch of screeners. This was the first I watched and wanted to review a few shows ago but git backed up.

    Thanks for listening.