Friday, July 23, 2010

Del Toro not directing The Haunted Mansion

Uhm, this is all making my head spin. lol.

Check out the latest news from Latino Review in an exclusive with del Toro. He emailed the site and had this to say:

Only producing and co-writing with Matthew Robbins for now. I would love to direct it if the timing allows it but I already have the next directing project ready to be announced in a week or so. Big and unexpected and full of invention. Haunted Mansion is, however, so perfect- because into it I can finally pour decades- most of my life- of admiration and veneration for Rolly Crump, Marc Davis and Claude Coats and the incredibly stylized and impossibly cool world they created. The movie I am imagining and that I dream of bringing forth is a full-on shrine to the feel we had as kids going into these E-ticket rides. For some people Haunted Mansion is just a ride for others, like me, who got caught in it at the precise age, it is almost a way of life.

So, he will not be directing this flick, so there's still hope he'll be doing Frankenstein or At the Mountains of Madness next.


  1. Am I happy? Am I sad....I know I am confused. Got to give up this distraction and get back to prop making! :D

    Thanks for the update!


  2. Now I have to go look up The Haunted Mansion. Like me to-do list isn't long enough already.