Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Blacula: Deadlier Than Dracula - Music From The Original Soundtrack (1972) - Gene Page

Composed and conducted by Gene Page
Original Release Date: August 25, 1972

One of the cooler vinyl albums in my collection is the soundtrack to Blacula.

Obviously, as I was only a year and a half old when the flick and the soundtrack came out, I can't say I remember rushing out to the local store to buy this gem. Actually, I scored this treasure as part of my summer job working at our community swimming pool. I recall one afternoon we were cleaning out an old storage room that had a bunch of junk piled up, and as we were sweeping and cleaning, I had one of those "holy shit" moments. Behind an old Coke machine was a record. I reached down, dusted the thing off and there staring back at me was none other than Dracula's soul brother - William Marshall himself - Blacula!

Being a huge horror junkie even at that tender age, I immediately called dibs on my new treasure and could not wait to get home to give it a listen. Amazingly, the thing still played and wasn't all that scratched up or ruined. Sure, there were a few "condition issues" as the kids say, but what the hell! It was Blacula!

Right now, it is stored in my parents' house with a lot of my other 33s and 45s, but I know it's there just waiting for another listen.

For anyone who is interested, here's the track listing:

1. Blacula (The Stalkwalk)
2. Heavy Changes - Page, Billy
3. Run, Tina, Run!
4. There He Is Again - Holmes, Wally
5. Movin'
6. Main Chance - Page, Billy
7. Good to the Last Drop
8. Blacula Strikes! Listen
9. What the World Knows - Holmes, Wally
10. I'm Gonna Catch You - Russell, Karl
11. The Call - Page, Billy
12. Fire Bombs
13. Finding Love, Losing Love
14. Wakeeli [Swahili Farewell]

If anyone would like to grab a copy on CD, head over here and buy the re-release. As for me, I'm going to stick with the pops and slight skips on the old record player.......

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