Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Your Guide to 70's Horror Films

This is a terrific website and resource for all things 70s horror. Definitelty check it out if you are interested in that time period, or if you are searching for an old flick you caught waaaaaaaaay back as a kid on the late late horror show but can't remember the title.

From the site:

70s horror films marked a gradual departure from the more traditional gothic horror monsters such as Dracula and Frankenstein that Universal had started in the 1930s (and Hammer resurrected in the 1950s). America's post-war nuclear assortments of radiated insects and threatening aliens had also dwindled. By the mid seventies, these horror movies had worn too thin. The public was desensitized to their effect…
The era of the main horror film companies of Hammer and Amicus was over.

What replaced the old Gothic style in 70's horror films was a huge increase in the production of gory, graphic horror films. Besides the reasons stated above, this was also due to social, political and economic changes of the 1960's; the sexual revolution, the loosening of censorship laws, and the creation of a new film ratings system… The boundaries for 70's horror films could be pushed further.


It includes genre study, directors info, and a database of films from A-Z. Definitely worth checking out!

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