Sunday, June 20, 2010

Ghost Ship at Morey's Piers - Wildwood, NJ

Growing up, going down the shore always meant a fun week in Wildwood. Yeah, the ocean was fun and swimming was cool - but man oh man, the Boardwalk was where it was at! The people, lights, food, sounds, and the rides. The rides were so kick-ass! Of course, the highlight of the week was the gone but not forgotten Dracula's Castle. R.I.P.

Looks like monster kids of all ages now have a great reason to head to Morey's Piers - the opening of their brand spanking new haunted attraction called Ghost Ship.

I had posted about this on HF but never did pimp it on da blog - so, here it is!

One story here and a new one from today's paper here.

I also found this way cool video:

Morey's Piers Ghost Ship Opening Ceremony from Dark in the Park on Vimeo.

This looks like a first-class haunt. I am going to have to get down there this Summer for sure.


  1. Oh wow! Post some more about this when you've seen JT.

  2. This looks really fun, even if it is Pirates.

  3. Now if that isn't cool, I don't know what is!