Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Elvira returns to the scarewaves!

That's right, boils and ghouls, Elvira a/k/a Cassandra Peterson is returning to haunt the scarewaves with the all new "Movie Macbre."

From her MySpace page courtesy of STYD:

"It's official! Elvira's Movie Macabre will be making its return to television this Fall with all NEW episodes! All dates, times, and channels are TBA later this summer. The show is syndicated (national) so times & channels will depend on your area/market. Stay glued!"

Very cool news for all horror host and fright flick fans. More details as I get 'em!


  1. Woohoooooo!!! Happy, happy frog queen! Thanks for the heads up!


  2. Hooray! Now bring back MST3K at the same time and I will never get any sleep again!

  3. If it's true ...it's very cool !

  4. Now this should be cool! Since I was born in the '90's, I've never been able to see an actual horror host show, but since it'll syndicated, I'll have to keep my eyes peeled!

  5. Welcome back Elvira!

  6. I liked her show back in the 80's, but isn't Cassandra Peterson a little old to be playing the vampy Elvira? I thought she was planning on retiring and choosing a new actress to play the charater. Don't get me wrong, she looks great for a 58 year old and I'm sure she can still lay on the bad puns with the best of 'em... but for how long?