Monday, June 28, 2010

Del Toro's Frankenstein (201?)

I know I had talked about this project on a very early ep of Hauntcast, and there hasn't been too much news lately. However, here's some news from BD and DC.

When asked about the project, del Toro has said that Doug Jones has been cast as the Monster. As far as the script:

"I'm presenting the storyline to Universal ... but I think that I wanna be if possible shooting in May next year...So I need something that's ready to go into pre-production immediately. We're doing tests ... we did all the sculpting already. He's completely done, the body, the face, all the parts, including the nuts, which are something to behold. But we are doing a test with Doug very soon."

More to come!


  1. I want to pretend that I am happy about this since in interviews he seem genuinely in love with this project. So why do I have a bad feeling about this? I so hope I am wrong :)


  2. The bad feelings probably are coming from the slew of really bad remakes that have taken us by storm lately. I on the other hand seem to be leaning toward some sense of genuine excitement for this project. Del Torro is a proven visionary and his directing is near flawless (I said near). With that said, it will all depend on the storyline...will he break from the norm and give a revisionary take or follow the same dark path as many others have???