Friday, June 25, 2010

The Colonial Theatre's Spooktacular: Son of Godzilla/Keene, NH/July 31 at 2:00 p.m.

Yo, gang! I wanted to share some really cool news about an upcoming event at the Colonial Theatre in Keene, NH for any of our New England haunters and horror fiends.

From an email from Mark Nelson, the curator for the ongoing Colonial Theatre Spooktacular film screenings:

These events are held twice a year (one in the spring and one in October), and are co-presented by the historic Colonial Theatre and SATURDAY FRIGHT SPECIAL (NH's first home-grown horror host TV show, seen on public access stations from coast to coast). We run retro monster movies in 35mm on the Colonial's Kong-sized screen, along with vintage monster movie previews, snack bar ads, cartoons, and other fun bits of film, hosted by SATURDAY FRIGHT SPECIAL'S loveable lycanthrope Scarewolf. We also give away DVDs, T-shirts, and comic books to lucky patrons, and everyone has a blast. In the past we've run THE ABOMINABLE DR. PHIBES, KING KONG VS. GODZILLA, and BRIDES OF DRACULA (which you were kind enough to mention on your blog last year). We try to present lesser-screened classic films that will get the fans excited, while also having enough appeal for general audiences. So far we've had really good turn-outs, and enthusiastic fans have returned again and again to our screenings.
On Saturday, July 31st we'll present the 1967 Toho tale of fatherly love, SON OF GODZILLA. Horror comics icon S.R. Bissette (SWAMP THING, TYRANT, TABOO) will be donating an original Godzilla sketch he's done for the event, as well as signed copies of a new comic that he'll be debuting at our screening. Bissette has been a big supporter of the Spooktaculars, and never fails to come through with some super-cool items for us to give away. He'll also be holding a comic signing at Comic Boom in Keene, just up the block from the theater, at a time (still TBA) on the day of the screening.
When the Colonial first approached me about doing a matinee Spooktacular (up to now we've done normal 7PM shows) as a finale for their summertime Family Film Series I jumped at the chance, as Saturday afternoon was the time that I first fell in love with monster movies (Toho in particular) via Boston's CREATURE DOUBLE FEATURE on WLVI in the late 70s/early 80s. To be able to present a Godzilla film at that same time of day, and in fact give fans a film that never played theaters back then (it was released directly to TV in the US) made me a little giddy. At our last Toho screening (KING KONG VS. GODZILLA) we had a line literally out the door and around the block, with lots of parents who grew up with Godzilla bringing their kids, so I hope we can again unite the generations with the love of giant monsters smashing things.
All the beast,
Mark Nelson
SATURDAY FRIGHT SPECIAL Editor, Colonial Theatre Spooktacular Curator

Saaaaaaaaaaaa-weeeeet!!! Now, here's the official press release:

The Colonial Theatre Presents Its Fourth SPOOKTACULAR
Featuring A Rare 35mm Screening of Toho's SON OF GODZILLA
KEENE, NH – July 1, 2010: Giant monsters once again return to Keene NH at The Colonial Theatre's SPOOKTACULAR, Saturday, July 31st 2010 at 2PM. Curated by Saturday Fright Special, New Hampshire's first home-grown horror host TV show, the event features a rare 35mm screening of the 1967 Japanese monster melee SON OF GODZILLA. In addition to the main feature, vintage monster movie previews, a cartoon, and snack bar ads will precede the film, along with prize giveaways and on-stage appearances by Scarewolf and other Saturday Fright Special characters. The event will be the finale of the Colonial's annual Family Film Series, and will be an all-ages event, bringing back the feel of an old-time kiddie matinee.
"We're thrilled to be able to present a Godzilla film to the Colonial audience on a Saturday afternoon, the same way that so many kids in the 70s first saw these films, both in the theater and on TV," said Mark Nelson, SATURDAY FRIGHT SPECIAL curator for the event. "In fact, we're giving fans an opportunity they never had back then to see SON OF GODZILLA on the big screen, as the film was released directly to television in the US."
The film tells the touching tale of the bond between a father and son (who just happen to be 30-story giant lizards), and what happens when giant insects come between them.
The SPOOKTACULAR will also feature prize giveaways including an original Godzilla sketch from renowned artist S.R. Bissette, as well as signed copies of a new Bissette comic that will premiere at the event. The costumed cast from Saturday Fright Special will be on hand to introduce the film and mingle with the public.
This will be the fourth Spooktacular presented by the Colonial Theatre, an event previously held in the evening. "We were looking at our Family Film Series schedule, and realized that the all-ages audience for past Spooktaculars would make it an ideal way to cap off our summer matinee series," said Jessica Reeves, Director of Audience Services and Marketing for The Colonial Theatre. "We noticed a large number of parents bringing their children to our previous evening Spooktacular events, and realized that a daytime show would better serve those young and old who have a hard time staying up past a certain hour," she laughed, "It's hard to compete with the Sandman."
Tickets are on sale now ($10 general admission). For more information, or to purchase, call The Colonial Theatre Box Office at 603/352-2033, toll free at 800/595-4849 or visit

Be sure to visit the Theatre's site, as well as Saturday Fright Special and this link for more information!!!

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