Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Carnies (2010)

Our fiends over at Dread Central have a head's up on a cool flick coming our way called Carnies.

The flick is getting a limited theatrical release at the "Week of Terror" at the Bluelight Cinemas in Cupertino, California, and the plan is to have some showings in San Francisco and (possibly) L.A. The DVD will be out October 12th.

Here's the official synopsis:
Carnies follows a traveling sideshow in 1936, when the workers set up their oddities and illusions in another town hit by the Dust Bowl. However, this town is different, as a sinister force begins to kill off the carnies one-by-one. Detective Ellison (Reggie Bannister of ‘Phantasm’) is put on the case and looks at several of the carnies, including the mysterious carnival owner, Helen (Denise Gosset); the strong man, Virgil (Chris Staviski of ‘Zombie Hunter’); and Ratty, the snake handler (Doug Jones of ‘Hellboy’ and ‘Pan’s Labyrinth’).

For more info, check out the official site.

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  1. The coolest show ever about carnies was the very short-lived HBO series Carnivale....its too bad it was canceled.