Thursday, May 6, 2010

Lugosi Wines

Perfect for your next get together, party, or haunt convention!

The Lugosi estate has entered the wine business with Lugosi Wines.

Go here for the details about the family's new partnership with Domingo Hermanos Winery in Argentina to produce this limited volume wine. The label art is courtesy of Argentinean artist Bruno Fernandez.

Love the label and I'm sure I would drink


  1. Hope the product is as good as the name they're using to promote it.

  2. JT,

    Last year I had given away a bottle of Vampire wine as a Best Costume prize at my Halloween party. I'm going to get a bottle of this for this year's shindig, and maybe an extra bottle to drink myself! Totally cool, though you gotta wonder what the Lugosi's know about wine making!


  3. Oooooh! So going to add that to my wine collection. Thanks for the heads up!!!