Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The Devil's Rejects 2?

This is an interesting blurb courtesy of our friends at STYD, taken from Rob Zombie’s blog.

In a poll posed to fans, Mr. Z. asks what film they would like to see next from him. The choices listed are The Blob (please God no), Tyrannosaurus Rex (looked like fun), Werewolf Women of the S.S. (full length of his Grindhouse trailer) or …

The Devil’s Rejects 2.

Is this a good idea? Would anyone want to see a sequel to that flick? If so, where would you want to see the plot and (seemingly dead) characters/storyline go? TDR is definitely his strongest film, and it is easy to explain away the ending as a dream or leaving the characters alive for further murderous adventures.

However, as a filmmaker, it may be time for Zombie to stretch out a bit and tackle something other than slashers & killers - there are plenty of other subgenres to explore (vampires, werewolves, what about, uhm, zombies?). So, in that sense, exploring a flick with a sci-fi monster story like The Blob might be a good creative decision for him, but it would be another remake on his resume. If I were him, I would want to go and do something unexpected and in a totally different direction than my last effort.

More details as they come from Mr. Z....


  1. What would I like to see next from Rob Zombie? Hmmmmmmmmm...
    NOT making another movie for the rest of his days?
    Just saying.

  2. Also, I hope he does not attach himself to the The Blob. I am hoping for someone like Neill Blomkamp, I think his sci-fi edge would be great or maybe even John Erick Dowdle (Quarantine). If he NEEDS to make another movie, then go for Werewolf Women of the SS, at least he could join the rest of the bunch in capaitalizing on the quasi-success of the Grindhouse movies....this one just hit me, howabout Nimrod Antal, depending on how good Predators is.