Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Dark Night of the Scarecrow (1981) - DVD Release

Finally, one of the all time best made for television horror flicks is coming our way on DVD this Fall!

Yup, Dark Night of the Scarecrow will be available. This is one of those flicks that everyone loves, everyone remembers from their childhood, but most have not seen since it first aired.

The plot revolves around a retarded man who is wrongly accused of attacking a young woman. Disguising himself as a scarecrow to escape the angry mob, he is murdered and later rises to exact his revenge upon those responsible for his death. As I said, this is one of those flicks that was immediately seared into my 10 year old head and cemented my fascination and love of scarecrows!

VCI Entertainment will release the DVD version on September 28, 2010 (just in time for an All Hallows viewing party!). Audio commentary will be supplied by director Frank De Felitta and writer J.D. Feigelson, and the disc will include original trailer.

If you have never seen this gem, be sure to seek it out. It will be well worth your time!

Thanks to our friends over at STYD for this update and artwork!


  1. Somehow I missed this one as a kid but I've heard plenty about it the intervening years. Can't wait to finally check it out--thanks for the heads-up.

  2. Goody! I've been wanting to see this one for a good long time! I saw a article about the upcoming release in HorrorHound Magazine.