Monday, March 1, 2010

Shaun of the Dead: The TV Show

The Guardian is reporting that NBC Universal and its UK subsidiary Working Title have announced a bunch of tv adaptations they would like to green-light, including Shaun of the Dead.

These new tv shows would "initially be aimed at American audiences, but with the potential to be exported, or remade in a range of countries."

Anyone want to watch a (most likely completely craptacular) tv show based on the (very cool and classic) 2004 flick? It's not like Pegg and co. are going to do the show, and I am hard pressed to think of many good and/or successful shows based on movies...


  1. I so want to be excited about this idea....but I cannot think from the din of the warning bells going off in my head! :)


  2. Really-how much of a continuous plot line can you squeeze out of this?

    I agree. I want to like it, but it's most likely going to be craptacular.


  3. going to be hard to catch the humor and the gore of the movie on prime time tV. sad to say i can't think of too many TV adaptations worthy of the movies they are based on.

    zombies on weekly TV might be too good to be true, sadly.

  4. Would it fly? Does the phrase "like a dead bird" answer that question?