Friday, March 12, 2010

My mouth is big with embarassment.....

Little known fact, that's what I really look like. No fooling.

Anyways, as I spend some time this rainy afternoon prowling around the interwebs and checking out the way spooktacular and fangtastic blogs that I follow, I see so many kind words about this joint, and also see I have been the recipient of the Awards bestowed on so many well-done and cool blogs.

First off, for anyone who reads my stuff, please see your doctor or other mental health professional. LOL, no, really, I have to say thank you! I have not been doing this for very long, as I have always been more of a board and forum guy. So, to have been embraced here and on Hauntcast by so many great Halloween, haunt and horror people in the Blogosphere is just kick-ass.

Second, please know I appreciate all the support, scream outs and mentions, and I promise I will follow those kooky "Link back and ...." instructions very soon and pay my respects.

Thanks and stay scary!


  1. So that's you on a good day eh? ;)

  2. Hey man you got a cool blog, you deserve the kind words and awards!

  3. Of couse, we love your blog. Always look forward to seeing what you discover!!

    Thansk for sharing.

    BTW - NICE picture!!


  4. No doubt all the awards you received where well deserved! Your blog is cool and I always like your segment on HauntCast. Keep the good work!