Friday, March 26, 2010

Hauntcast 17: March Madness!

Hauntcast 17: March Madness has been unleashed!

Besides my Frick Flicks segment in which I review The Crazies, this month's hauntacular spooky goodness includes:

- Chris' interview with this month’s special guest haunter the wildly talented Tracy (aka Terra) of Castle of Terra, all-around haunting guru and blogger of The Seven Layers of Scare;
- Rev theorizes about certain aspects of haunting having a basis in hypnosis;
- Shellhawk, the Mistress of Mayhem, cultivates the fine art of pumpkin growing;
- Dr. Morbius, the resident proptologist, answers more of your burning prop-related questions;
- Plus Mad Props for Props, Hauntcast Top Ten, kick ass music, and more!!!

Check it out!!!

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  1. That reminds me, I have to catch up on the podcasts!