Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Godzilla (2012)

The King of All Monsters is headed back to the big screen!

Yes, I know the last time Hollywood tried their interpretation of the big ole lizard it was completely craptacular, but I'm going to try to stay positive about this one.

Variety is reporting that a new Godzilla flick is coming from Legendary Pictures and Warner Bros.

Right now there is no director in place, but an announcement is forthcoming. Thankfully, per the story, the intent is to "pay respects to the original (1954) pic" and not the rather disappointing 1998 Sony effort.

Thomas Tull, chairman and CEO of Legendary said "Our plans are to produce the Godzilla that we, as fans, would want to see. We intend to do justice to those essential elements that have allowed this character to remain as pop-culturally relevant for as long as it has."

I love the giant monsters and Godzilla has always been one of my favorites. This could prove to be a great flick! What say you?

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  1. I love godzilla....one of my favorites also! Really looking forward to a good remake...I say that now, I may regret it. :)

    Thanks for the heads up!