Monday, February 15, 2010

The Wolfman Box Office

So, after all the delays, reshoots and whatnot, The Wolfman finally roared into theaters this past weekend.

It came in a respectable second place, with a total take of around $32 million. Not too bad at all, methinks.

As I said previously on Hauntcast, not only did I want this Wolfman flick to be great, but also to pull in the coin at the theater so Universal will be encouraged to get moving on its other monster projects currently stuck in development limbo, including The Creature From The Black Lagoon, The Bride of Frankenstein, and The Invisible Man.

I am curious to see how this film does its second week and if there is considerable drop off. Hopefully, it holds steady or builds based not on the curiously almost universally negative reviews, but word of mouth.

Tune into the next Hauntcast on Friday, February 26th to hear my review of The Wolfman!


  1. I hope this movie makes it big, lets hope it can go over 100 million on its first week of release!

  2. i hope it does well too. if only to kick off a few more Universal movie remakes, it looks pretty good and me and the little lady would have seen it on Saturday but it was sold out. i hope it's a good sign. that and i hope it has the staying power and makes some money. the more money it makes the more money they'll put into the next remake.

  3. According to BoxOfficeMojo, The Wolfman earned $57.5 million this weekend with more than $36 million made in the U.S. This is second to only "Valentine's Day" (ugh!) -- not bad when you consider it was released over, um, Valentine's Day weekend.

    But reviews have been decidedly mixed, and from the many I read, it seems they lean towards negative. The CGI gets great reviews, the plot line not so much. Part of the criticism seems to be that it hewed too much to the original film.

    I'll be able to give my own opinion tomorrow, as I'll be taking the significant other to see it tomorrow night (sorry, I won't be adding to the box office totals...through Cablevision, I get to see movies on Tuesdays free of charge!).


  4. I have that link above, and it was updated to show Wolfie came in at second (whoohoo!)

  5. I saw The Wolfman with a friend Saturday afternoon at the local multiplex, and was disappointed that it was showing in only one of the ten theaters -- and one of the mid-sized theaters at that. The theater is local chain, so I like to support them. However, I question why they felt a PG-13 comedy and a PG rated action movie were better suited to a bigger-capacity seating theater than an R rated horror flick. Despite the smaller screen, I enjoyed the Wolfman a howl lot! Wicked wild and weird!