Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Jekyll (2011)

I first talked about this upcoming Universal film a while back on Hauntcast, when it was announced almost at the same time that we were getting not just one but two Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde remakes. One is the Forest Whitaker/50 Cent project and the other is a Keanu Reeves vehicle.

Word now is that Universal is looking for a new director for the Reeves film. Nicolas Refn recently spoke to Empire Magazine and said:

"I just couldn't do it when they needed me. Keanu is a wonderful actor and I'm sure it will be a fantastic film with him in."

Erhm - as another commentator noted, I'm not sure about the "wonderful actor" bit of that, but anyway - more news on the project as I get it.

Is anyone else a fan of the Jekyll & Hyde story and films? I love the character and story and would welcome two new interpretations, even though I'm not enamored with Reeves' acting.


  1. I'd have to say I'm not holding out all that much hope for either production. I love the Jekyll & Hyde story, but I hate movies that bring tales into modern times, sort of like watching Hamlet as a 21st century set piece.

    The Whitaker/Fiddy collaboration seems like a disaster in the making while the Reeves bit has the potential at least for success, though I think its a horrible bit of miscasting.

    I'm thinking I'll wait for you to endure the horror of it all and provide a review on Hauntcast before I'll even consider trekking to the theater to take either in.


  2. I have enjoyed many versions of this story, from radio shows to cartoons. I hope a movie adaptation stays true to the original.