Thursday, February 25, 2010

Hauntcast - New site, new show!

Calling all cool ghouls!!

The all new, all cool Hauntcast site is up and boy oh boy is it a sight to behold!!! Kick ass new logo, design, layout, features and more, more, more!!! Be sure to check it out ASAP!

Mad scream outs to Chris Baker, Felix LaFlamme, Guy at HouseBloodthorn and Shane a/k/a Joker for the site update. Here's my new logo:

As well as Rev's, Shelley's and Doc's:

Hauntast 16: Invasion of the Booty Snatchers is playing now.

Congrats to Chris for the continued success of the show, and a big thumbs up for the new site and its features. Stay scary, gang!


  1. Gotta love the graphics! Awesome.


  2. WOW!!!!! I just downloaded it, can't wait to hear your review of Wolfman!

  3. I listened to Hauntcast 16 and enjoyed your review of The Wolfman. I didn't like the movie as much as you did. If anything, I didn't think The Wolfman was quite "old fashioned" enough. You can read my review of it on my blog for my lukewarm review of The Wolfman. BTW: I was one of those people who liked that "craptastic" Van Helsing, precisely because it didn't try to be an old skool film and embraced the modern horror-action movie genre.