Saturday, January 30, 2010

Hauntcast 15 :: Rebirth Of Sick - Now Playing

Calling cool ghouls of all ages!

The new show's been out since Thursday night, and I forgot to plug it here. Oh well - better late than never! Check out the Scream Team in our latest scareiffic masterpiece - Hauntcast 15 :: Rebirth Of Sick!!

Thrusting Groin first into 2010, the Scream Team satisfies your Haunt cravings with Theater of the Mind, The Charmed Pot, Ask the Doc, Fright Flicks, Hauntcast Top Ten, Mad Props for Props, Music, Mayhem and an interview with Doug Ferguson the creator of the Flying Crank Ghost.

Listen or die!! (and then be resurrected as one of the undead, naturally....)


  1. Get your fix via iTunes podcast! I do. It's free and easy.

  2. Thanks for listening! It is also free on the website to stream or download.