Wednesday, December 9, 2009

The Wolfman (2010) gets MPAA rating

Hey gang, the Wolfman flick just got its rating and from what STYD is reporting, it sounds like a "hard" R.

They claim that it's "pretty damn intense in the blood department" and has received the R rating for "bloody horror, violence and gore."

What do you think about that? Would you rather the film left a lot to the imagination a la the Universal classics, or more in-your-face modern gore?


  1. I'm a big fan of the classics, so I would prefer less gore. Excessive blood does not make a movie creepy.

  2. I'm with Halloween Spirit, gratuitous blood and gore seems to be a crutch for weak plot.

  3. I'm with Halloween Spirit and Mr. Macabre too.

  4. A lot of people think that there is too much blood and gore in films, and this makes the film unrealistic. I think They actually portray a conservative view.

    The Suspense in the Classic films is unsurpassed , No-one had experienced these horrors before. People had night terrors of these creatures. is harder to achieve that now. I don't think it's down to How much blood and gore we see.