Saturday, December 19, 2009

Guy, You Kick Major Ass!! Or, How House Bloodthorn's Head Ghoul Made Me Stop Looking Like a Jabroni and Took the MSF to a Whole 'Nother Level

So, there I was yesterday at work in my office toiling away (ok, I was listening to reggae and mostly staring out the window. Although I did move some files and papers from one side of my desk to the other halfway through the day to show the monumental progress I was making......) when the little green light on my new Droid began blinking.

Ah, an email, I thought, so I checked the phone only to see an email to the gmail account. Spam I concluded given I have only ever received one "real" email at this address! LOL.

Well, low and behold, it was legitimate email from none other than Guy from the fangtastic House Bloodthorn. As you boils and ghouls may already know, Guy has been a big part of the "behind the scenes" aspect of Hauntcast and helped madman Chris Baker with graphics and design and whatnot for the site. Last year, Guy was even kind enough to create and provide for me a couple of very cool avatars - one the Hauntcast skull, and the other the ultra-super cool Blackenstein avvie that graces this very page, as well as my super-spectacular My Space and Facebook pages.

Hmmmm, I wondered why he was emailing me now?

Turns out that Guy had a little bit of downtime between his own projects (including one very cool site redesign that will be unveiled in the near future.....shhh, it's a secret, kids!!), and decided that the Midnite Spook Frolic needed a little.........pizazz. Now, I'm all about the pizazz, so I eagerly read on and was really floored when I saw what he whipped up for me on his diabolical computer of terror.

The new logo was a sight to behold - the background image worked so well. I couldn't believe that he was able to just create something that was just so perfect! I would never have even thought to use a film motif, and the 50s audience in their 3-D glasses was a fangtastic touch.

Guy wrote that I was not obligated to use the images but if I was interested (if I was interested!!! LOL) he'd be happy to send me the images and instructions on how to play around with the layout and codes and all that hard computer stuff. All free of charge!

Well, I couldn't email him back quickly enough, and thought it was so cool that he would take the time to do this for me and hook me up with first-rate top notch professional graphics like this. He graciously sent me the graphics, instructions, and helped me out with a few dumb questions last night when I couldn't get the codes just right. He even sent me a few more logos in different color schemes, which started to make my head hurt because I was torn between two themes!

I laughed when Guy replied to me that he knew his job was done because my head was hurting. LOL.

So, there you go....the super-secret origin story of the all new, extra-fangtasical, magical, award-winning Johnny Thunder's Midnite Spook Frolic.

Guy, if we ever meet up someday, the first 10 rounds are on me, brother. I greatly appreciate everything you've done for me, and for Hauntcast. You are one cool ghoul.

Cheers, man!!!


  1. He does make us look good, doesn't he?
    Nice upgrade to your site, man!

  2. Damn! There's shout outs and then there's shout outs. Thank you for the kind words, JT. I don't know about first-rate top-notch professional graphics (or stopping you from looking like a jabroni... LOL) but I'm glad you like the work and you are more than welcome. Anytime.

    Stay Scary!

    PS: I'd probably be tore up after the first 4 rounds, but I'll definitely take you up on those! Thanks again.

  3. Guy is the best!! Also helped me with out local gathering graphics (Frightfest NW) and working on the Haunters Video Awards website. The man is amazing....I think I owe him a few rounds myself! :D

    The new graphics look great! Looking forward to the "suprise" :)


  4. WOW! Queer Eye for the Haunt Guy strikes again:D The Blog facelift kicks A$%!Guy gets some Mad Props for this.

  5. Cool new digs! Lucky you, to have this wonderful friend!