Sunday, November 1, 2009

Trick or Treat '09

Well, all I can say is that last night's TOTing was really wet. And not just from all the beer I spilled all over myself.

We had a family birthday party at our house yesterday afternoon, and so it wasn't just my wife, the baby and me in costume - we had my in laws and sister in law join in on the costumed hi-jinx. And while Zombie's Halloween II was a terrible film, it was still a kick ass costume for me this year.

I had my yard set up for a few weeks now, with all my bluckies, tombstones and a lot of other hanging store bought props.

I even had out my very first homemade project, a simple PVC body project. I know for all the experienced and talented haunters out there that this isn't much of an accomplishment, but I was pretty happy with it! I call him Mr. Clown. Thanks to my good bud Skullboy for all the help doing the project and his sage All Hallows advice.

I had the foggers fired up, the spooky music blasting, the spot and strobe lights on, the candy ready to go and hoped for the best. However, given the intermittent downpours and chilly temps, we had around 25 or so kids which was a big disappointment.

Hoping next year is dry..........well, weather wise at least.


  1. Well, your PVC guy did better than mine! The rain and mud was so bad, and he was so tenous anyway, he couldn't remain upright once I tried to put his head and clothing on.

    Was it dry ANYWHERE last night?

  2. We were dry, but very windy. Here's to an atmospherically calmer 2010 :)

  3. Your costume DID look pretty cool ;)

    Sorry about the weather and low number of TOT's. Seems to be a common story this year.

  4. Thanks for the positive comments!

    363 days and counting :)

  5. Ah, very cool. Clowns always scare someone!! Perfect idea.

    So sorry to hear about the weather :(

    and.....LOVE your custom, wow!!