Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Danny Elfman off The Wolf Man

Well, here's more bad news for The Wolf Man - Danny Elfman is no longer doing the score and music for the film, due to what has been characterized as those dreaded "scheduling conflicts."

However, buzz is that it really has more to do with more and more problems with the movie. If you recall, the release date has been moved several times, there have been a few rounds of reshoots, and now this...........

Elfman is being replaced by Paul Halsinger (Death Race 2000) who is going to record a whole new score. Great shame as the description of Elfman's score sounds fantastic.

Read the full story for more details, but I have to say, this is making The Wolf Man sound like it is going to end up like the craptacular mess Van Helsing.......

Not good at all!

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