Thursday, November 5, 2009

Atomic Brain Invasion (2010)

Much like the House of the Wolfman project, here is another cool indie retro project coming our way. However, instead of revisiting the creepy Universal monster gang, this film takes its cue and inspiration from 50's sci-fi. Yup, groovie ghouls, get ready for the Atomic Brain Invasion!

This flick is coming from Scorpio Film Releasing based on a script by Guy Benoit and Richard Griffin. Directed by Griffin, and produced by Ted Marr, the movie is being descrbied as a true homage to the fun and crazy sci-fi flicks from the era of bobby socks, jalopies and rock 'n roll.

The director has indicated that the spirit of the film is very much of the period it hopes to evoke. He recently told Fango that:

“Not only do I want it to look and sound like it was made in 1957 but I also want it to be free of all the blood, profanity and nudity of modern horror films. It’s wonderful to have a horror movie that people of all ages can enjoy, much like the classic creature features I watched on television as a child.”

What's the plot of this project you might ask. Well, I am glad you did! The story will revolve around a bunch of high school kids who team up to thwart the alient invasion of scary brain monsters. No, they're not trying to take over the world, or asking the kids to take them to their leader. These alien creeps are here to kidnap Elvis Presley when he performs at a local sock-hop!

Sounds like a fun piece of indie cheese, and definitely something to keep on your radar. Look for this atomically-charged film to debut in Summer of 2010.