Saturday, November 28, 2009

Cult Classics 20 Movie Pack

Starring and directed by various
4 DVDs
Run time 23 hours, 54 minutes

OK, well, since this doesn't exactly fall under the category of "Monsters" or "Martians", I'll use the catch-all of "Madmen" as my excuse to highlight this gem I picked up yesterday.

We were perusing the aisles of the local Big Lots for Christmas items, and I headed over to the DVD section. They often have some great deals on genre films, new and old. Wouldn't you know this spectacular collection of exploitation and scare films was staring me right in the face, and with a price tag of only 6 bucks, there's no way I could pass it up! Merry Christmas to me, it's the Cult Classics 20 Movie Pack!

Here's the official synopsis:

Cautionary and unintentionally hilarious features with public service, morality or exploitation themes, you reel from the horrors of drug use in "Reefer Madness" and "Cocaine Fiends". You will see the heartache of moral decay in "Escort Girl", "Sex Madness" and "Slaves in Bondage". And you will encounter the truly bizarre in "Chained for Life" and "The Terror in Tiny Town".

The boxset includes the following:
1. Chained for Life
2. Child Bride
3. Cocaine Fiends
4. Delinquent Daughters
5. Escort Girl
6. Gambling with Souls
7. Joyless Street
8. Mad Youth
9. Marihuana
10. Marijuana Menace, The
11. Omoo-Omoo, The Shark God
12. Reefer Madness
13. Road to Ruin, The
14. Sex Madness
15. She Shoulda' Said "No"!
16. Slaves in Bondage
17. Ten Nights in a Barroom
18. Terror of Tiny Town, The
19. Test Tube Babies
20. Wild and Wicked, The

How can you go wrong with the immortal classics such as Reefer Madness

Cocaine Fiends

The Terror of Tiny Town

All the movie information, including posters, years, actors and directors, are included on the company's site and linked above.

If you happen upon this collection, definitely pick it up for some cheesy exploitative fun. It's amazing to watch the propaganda and morality lessons in these alarmist films. All these years later, they are such fun in a strange way......

Friday, November 27, 2009

Hauntcast 13: Black Friday

What up all you cool ghouls! Do your haunted ears a solid and check out the lucky 13th episode of the fangtastically fun show Hauntcast!

Hauntcast 13: Black Friday

Serving up a smorgasbord of Haunt delicacies featuring an interview with the godfather of home haunting Gary Corb from Hallowed Haunting Grounds.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving

Have a good one, everybody!

Monday, November 23, 2009

Happy Birthday Boris Karloff

Happy birthday to horror icon Boris Karloff(1887-1969)!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

A Look Inside: The Wolfman

It must be Wolf Man weekend or something..........

Here's a Cineplex Exclusive taking a behinds the scenes look at the movie. The video includes interviews with the actors, director and producer.

What do you think?

The Wolf Man Special Edition Legacy DVD/Cover Change

Remember this special edition DVD that will be released to coincide with the theatrical release of the remake? Well, inexplicably, Universal has decided to change the cover art, and in my opinion it's not for the better. Mind you, it's not a terrible photo of Chaney, but it lacks the power and visual interest of the original.

In any event, look for this DVD to drop on February 2, 2010.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Jekyll and Hyde (2010)

What up boils and ghouls! I talked about this project a while back on Hauntcast, and wanted to give everyone a brief update. BD has a little more info regarding one of the upcoming J & H flicks coming our way in the next year or so.

Seems that Warner Bros. Pictures has acquired domestic rights to Abel Ferrara's Jekyll and Hyde, starring Forest Whitaker and Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson.

Robert Louis Stevenson's story "The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde" will be contemporized and titled "Jekyll and Hyde." Whitaker will star as the kindly Dr. Jekyll, who is described as "a rich doctor of great generosity who lives on the Upper East Side of Manhattan," while Fiddy will star as Mr. Hyde who is, as all good monster kids know, "a sadistic murderer with a reputation that strikes fear in to the hearts of people throughout New York." Peter Utterson, Dr. Jekyll's lawyer and friend, investigates the mystery of who Hyde is and why he is the sole beneficiary of Jekyll's will.......

I am actually looking forward to this J & H project more than the Reeves one given that it is a modern update of the classic tale. J & H lends itself to a present-day retelling and while there have been numerous films over the years, the basic story of one person's struggle with his dark side always fascinates me. I especially love the classic versions from 1931

The Spencer Tracy/Ingrid Bergman version from 1941

and Hammer's classic and underrated The Two Faces of Dr. Jekyll (1960)(a/k/a Jekyll's Inferno).

Heck, I am even a huge fan of 70's funky versions such as Dr. Black, Mr. Hyde (1976)

and Dr. Jekyll & Sister Hyde (1971) .

More ghoulish details as they come my way!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

The Wolf Man (2010) - New poster

Here's the French poster for the flick. I kinda dig this one - tres atmospheric. C'est magnifique!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Vampira Tribute - Horror Hound Weekend, March 26-28, 2010, Indianapolis, IN

What a fangtastic event this is going to be!!

The Vampira Tribute will recognize and honor the original spookshow late night television hostess who invented the genre - the one, the only - Vampira! It will be the largest gathering ever of horror hosts - living, dead or undead as the case may be - and is definitely an event not to be missed.

I am seriously considering heading out there this Spring to honor Ms. Nurmi and be a part of something very, very special. I encourage all other horror host fans to do the same.

Be sure to check out the My Space link for more information and events.

Mad Scientist

Congrats to Mad Scientist zine on reaching its Tenth Anniversary issue! Definitely check it out if you have never read this great zine.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Edward Woodward R.I.P.

Some sad breaking news about actor Edward Woodward.

The actor, who lived in Hawker's Cove near Padstow, died at the Royal Cornwall Hospital in Truro. He had been ill for several months and passed away surrounded by members of his family.

Woodward is most famous for role in one of my favorite horror films, The Wicker Man (1973) , as well as the cool 80s TV show The Equalizer.

Rest in peace.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Claude Rains Tribute/UNA Performance Center

Claude Rains: An Actor's Voice
A Two-Part Tribute to a Master Artist of the Stage and Screen
November 18 and 20, 2009

I came across this cool event and thought I would pass along the information to any of you ghouls in the area. This sounds like a terrific tribute and event with some great guests, including Rains' daughter Jessica and one of my favorite horror film historians and authors, David Skal.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Random Cool Monster Kid Pic #5

Here's the rest of the Universal crew, as promised.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Roger Corman receives Oscar Award

What cool news! And no, it's not April Fool's Day!

B-movie icon Roger Corman (Little Shop of Horrors, Attack of the Crab Monsters, Bucket of Blood, X: The Man with the X-Ray Eyes, The Wasp Woman, House of Usher, The Pit and the Pendulum, The Preamture Burial, Tales of Terror, The Raven, The Masque of Red Death, and The Tomb of Ligeia - to name just a few), has been awarded an honorary Oscar for a lifetime of achievement. I think hell has finally frozen over, gang.

Congrats to Mr. Corman, and thanks for all the entertainment all these years.Cheers!

Happy Friday the 13th

Have a good one everyone! Great night to pull out some flicks and enjoy.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Kingdom of the Spiders (1977)

“A new species of horror is born!”
Starring William Shatner as Dr. Rack Hansen

Last night I was flipping around the menu feature of my cable provider, and saw that Kingdom of the Spiders was coming on in mere moments. What a pleasant schlocky surprise!

This is another one of those pretty bad 70s flicks that burned an indelible horror hole in my psyche. I remember first watching this on TV as a kid and getting a little creeped out by a desert town overrun by killer mutated tarantulas. Now, of course, it's not a great film by any stretch of the imagination, but couple William Shatner with hundreds of spiders in a low-budget picture - now you're talkin'!

If you haven't seen this gem, the story revolves around Shatner's Dr. Rack Hansen, a veterinarian in a town in Arizona. Suddenly, cattle and other animals are just droping dead and no one knows why.

Well, soon Hansen and state university scientist, Diane Ashley (Tiffany Bolling) figure out it is due to an army of killer tarantulas. Of course, everyone goes crazy and the spiders go on their rampage. The ending is a bit weird, and that's the part that always stuck with me all these years.

Check it out if you happen to stumble upon it and want a quick cheesy horror fix.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Movie Quote of the Day #3

“Before we get through with this thing we may uncover sins that even the devil would be ashamed of.”

- Joseph Cawthorn (as Dr. Bruner) in White Zombie (1932)

Creature Features: Nature Turned Nasty in the Movies

Written by William Schoell
Published by McFarland Publishing

I gave this great book a shout out on Hauntcast a few months ago, and thought it was worth highlighting it again. I am a huge fan of the "animals gone wild" flicks, which can be a lot of fun.

Here's the publisher's description:

This work offers a critical, colorful and informative examination of different types of monster movies, spanning the silent period to today. Chapter One focuses on dragons, dinosaurs, and other scaly giants from films like 1953’s The Beast from 20,000 Fathoms, an impressive stop-motion production that ushered in a new era of atomic-spawned monster films. Chapter Two examines “big bug” flicks, beginning with 1954’s giant ant–infested Them. Chapter Three focuses on ordinary animals grown to improbable proportions through scientific or sinister experimentation, such as the huge octopus in 1955’s It Came from Beneath the Sea. Chapters Four, Five, and Six look at films in which nature goes berserk, and otherwise innocuous animals flock, swarm, hop or run about on a menacingly massive scale, including 1963’s The Birds and 1972’s Frogs. Finally, Chapter Seven focuses on films featuring beasts that defy easy definition, such as 1958’s The Blob and Fiend Without a Face.

Definitely a great resource and a lot of fun to read.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Danny Elfman off The Wolf Man

Well, here's more bad news for The Wolf Man - Danny Elfman is no longer doing the score and music for the film, due to what has been characterized as those dreaded "scheduling conflicts."

However, buzz is that it really has more to do with more and more problems with the movie. If you recall, the release date has been moved several times, there have been a few rounds of reshoots, and now this...........

Elfman is being replaced by Paul Halsinger (Death Race 2000) who is going to record a whole new score. Great shame as the description of Elfman's score sounds fantastic.

Read the full story for more details, but I have to say, this is making The Wolf Man sound like it is going to end up like the craptacular mess Van Helsing.......

Not good at all!

Happy 40th Birthday Sesame Street!

Wow - 40 years! Let's all count to 40!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Movie Quote of the Day #2

"I don't know. It all sounds like a lot of supernatural baloney to me."
"Supernatural, perhaps. Baloney, perhaps not. There are many things under the sun."

- David Manners (as Peter Alison) to Bela Lugosi (as Dr. Vitus Werdegast), who replies, in this classic exchange in The Black Cat (1934).

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Random Cool Monster Kid Pic #4

I found this image a while back and thought it was cool. There's another one with the rest of the Universal gang, but I'll save that one for another day.

Friday, November 6, 2009

The Wolfman (2010)/New Posters

Check it out, gang. Cinematical has just posted this exclusive new poster for The Wolfman, coming our way February 12, 2010. This new poster features Emily Blunt, who plays the doomed Talbot's love interest, presumably hiding behind a tree from the Wolf Man.

Meanwhile, AICN has this one up.

Looks like a close up of a lycanthrope.......and still wondering whether the rumors about Hopkins also turning into a wolf are true......

Benefit for St. Jude's Children's Hospital/Providence, RI

Here's another chartiy event that I wanted to share with anyone in the area. Definitely a great cause and a fun night!

“A Caligari Thanksgiving”
Firehouse 13 in Providence, RI
Wednesday, November 25, 2009.
Tickets $7.00
Doors at 8:00 p.m.

Featuring a live screening of one of my favorite films: the silent German Expressionist horror classic The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari. Plus it will have a live soundtrack!

Hosted by the delightful Penny Dreadful and Garou.

If you are in the area, please check it out!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Atomic Brain Invasion (2010)

Much like the House of the Wolfman project, here is another cool indie retro project coming our way. However, instead of revisiting the creepy Universal monster gang, this film takes its cue and inspiration from 50's sci-fi. Yup, groovie ghouls, get ready for the Atomic Brain Invasion!

This flick is coming from Scorpio Film Releasing based on a script by Guy Benoit and Richard Griffin. Directed by Griffin, and produced by Ted Marr, the movie is being descrbied as a true homage to the fun and crazy sci-fi flicks from the era of bobby socks, jalopies and rock 'n roll.

The director has indicated that the spirit of the film is very much of the period it hopes to evoke. He recently told Fango that:

“Not only do I want it to look and sound like it was made in 1957 but I also want it to be free of all the blood, profanity and nudity of modern horror films. It’s wonderful to have a horror movie that people of all ages can enjoy, much like the classic creature features I watched on television as a child.”

What's the plot of this project you might ask. Well, I am glad you did! The story will revolve around a bunch of high school kids who team up to thwart the alient invasion of scary brain monsters. No, they're not trying to take over the world, or asking the kids to take them to their leader. These alien creeps are here to kidnap Elvis Presley when he performs at a local sock-hop!

Sounds like a fun piece of indie cheese, and definitely something to keep on your radar. Look for this atomically-charged film to debut in Summer of 2010.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Movie Quote of the Day #1

"I am Criswell! For many years, I have told you the almost unbelievable, related the unreal, and shown it to be more than fact! Now I tell you a tale of the 'threshold people,' so astounding that some of you may faint! This is a story of those in the twilight time - once human, now monsters - in a world between the living and the dead. Monsters to be pitied! Monsters to be despised!"

- Criswell (as Himself) in Night of the Ghouls (1959)

TCM Greatest Classic Films Collection: Sci-Fi Adventures DVD

Release date February 2, 2010
Starring James Whitmore, Paul Hubschmid, Hugh Marlowe, Kieron Moore
Directed by Gordon Douglas, Eugene Lourie, Edward Bernds, Paul Dickson

This cool new collection will be released in a few months, and features some classic 50's sci-fi flicks:

Them! (1954)
The Beast from 20,000 Fathoms (1953)
World Without End (1956)
Satellite in the Sky (1956)

Them! in particular is one of my favorite giant bug movies from the 50's, and you can't go wrong with The Beast from 20,000 Fathoms. World Without End and Satellite in the Sky are also solid kooky outer space/sci-fi fun.

This is going to be a nice little collection at a pretty good price.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Monday, November 2, 2009

Ed Wood, Mad Genius: A Critical Study of the Films

Written by Rob Craig
From McFarland Publishing

This book is another great film study from McFarland and covers one of the more interesting writer/director/producers of all time, Ed Wood.

Even non-horror film fans are now aware of his works and life thanks to Tim Burton’s terrific biopic from a few years back. The author approaches Wood’s films in a very scholarly and intellectual fashion and makes quite the argument that, contrary to popular belief, Wood wasn’t the “worst” director and writer of all time.

Here’s the official description from the publisher:

Filmmaker Ed Wood was controversial and critically maligned, even labeled “the worst director of all time,” yet he achieved cult status and remains of great interest today. This book frames Wood’s work, such as the cross-dressing themed Glen or Glenda? and the haphazard Bride of the Monster, as reflections of the culture of their era. Wood invariably worked with infinitesimal budgets, shooting at breakneck speed, incorporating plot twists that defied all logic. Yet there was a tangible if unfocused thematic thrust to Wood’s films, which meditate fitfully on gender, religion and society, revealing a “holy trinity” of fixations—sex, death and resurrection. Wood’s infamous Plan 9 From Outer Space encapsulates the fixations and flaws that were his hallmarks, and with 22 other films, is explored here. A filmography and 47 photographs are included.

I finally finished the book last night and, again, recommend it to fans of both Wood and film analysis. I don't know if I completely agree with the author's conclusion that Wood was deliberatly creating high art, but it is an interesting analysis nonetheless.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Horror Film Classics with DVD 2010 Wall Calendar

My wife surprised me with a great Halloween gift yesterday morning - the Horror Film Classics with DVD Wall Calendar.

It's a way cool calendar and comes with a 4 DVD set of all calendar's flicks. Each month's image corresponds to the movie of the month. They are all public domain films, but include some good - and not so good - classics including White Zombie, Nosferatu, The House on Haunted Hill, The Devil Bat, and more!

Trick or Treat '09

Well, all I can say is that last night's TOTing was really wet. And not just from all the beer I spilled all over myself.

We had a family birthday party at our house yesterday afternoon, and so it wasn't just my wife, the baby and me in costume - we had my in laws and sister in law join in on the costumed hi-jinx. And while Zombie's Halloween II was a terrible film, it was still a kick ass costume for me this year.

I had my yard set up for a few weeks now, with all my bluckies, tombstones and a lot of other hanging store bought props.

I even had out my very first homemade project, a simple PVC body project. I know for all the experienced and talented haunters out there that this isn't much of an accomplishment, but I was pretty happy with it! I call him Mr. Clown. Thanks to my good bud Skullboy for all the help doing the project and his sage All Hallows advice.

I had the foggers fired up, the spooky music blasting, the spot and strobe lights on, the candy ready to go and hoped for the best. However, given the intermittent downpours and chilly temps, we had around 25 or so kids which was a big disappointment.

Hoping next year is dry..........well, weather wise at least.