Friday, October 16, 2009

Hauntcast 12

Well, it's hard to believe, but last night we taped the 12th Fright Flicks and Horror Reviews segment for Hauntcast. Who woulda thunk it! As always, we had a great time shootin' the bull about horror movies, Halloween and good beer. It's been an absolute blast being part of the show...although I do question Chris' mental soundness given he keeps asking me back every month!

In-between getting his haunt together, Chris is working really hard to get all the segments together and edited. Somehow, I know my boy will get it done.

For any listeners out there, the new show will be out next Friday, October 23rd, just in time for All Hallows. Bottoms up!


  1. Cool!! ALWAYS love listening to the show! You are Chris are so fun to listen to, like two friends just talking about films. Awesome!

    Oh crap....didn't Chris ask for a greeting or something from me (us) *&%#!?!?! I am so lame. Thanks for reminding me :D


  2. Thanks, much appreciated!

    Oh oh - better call him! Have a good one :)