Sunday, October 11, 2009

Charity for Children/The Palace Theatre, Syracuse, NY

Given the cause, I am going to cut and paste the info from a friend. Please check it out!

Charity For Children is celebrating their fifth anniversary in October

This Syracuse-based charity helps children with serious illnesses and their families, regardless of a child's condition or income level. The group is still in its infant stages, but thanks to the dedicated volunteers, a newly donated location on Erie Blvd., and fundraiser events held throughout the year, it continues to expand.

Nina Albino, the organization's executive director, guarantees that all money raised stays in the Central New York area.

Charity For Children has helped nearly 100 families since its creation, sometimes in unconventional ways. Albino and the the group's volunteers take pride in the active devotion they provide to every client.

For more about Charity For Children, check out their website at:

To help support Charity For Children and their mission, the 35mm Brew & View Series and's DECONSTRUCTION: Punk & Indie Rock Night have teamed up to do a fundraiser called Punk Night @ The Palace.

The event will take place at The Palace Theatre (2384 James St. - Syracuse, NY) on Friday October 23 and promises to be a night of movies, music and mayhem! The festivities are open to ages 16+ to View and 21+ for those that want Brew. (Must have valid ID)

This is also a costume event, so dress in your Punk finest and take $2 off admission, which is $10.

The evening will be highlighted by a Movie Triple Feature of two classic Punk movies and one classic Horror flick. All of the movies will be shown on original 35mm film in all their glory.

Movies start at 7 PM with Repo Man (Starring Emilio Estevez), followed by Rock & Roll High School (featuring The Ramones) and finishing up the night will be The Wizard of Gore. The notorious film carries the tagline: “Scenes so far beyond any you've ever seen that no description is possible.” If that doesn't pique your interest, what will?

Live music will be provided during intermissions by none other than the legendary UNDERGANG. You can find out more about them at

And as if that weren't enough, the lovely ladies of the Assault City Roller Derby team will be there as well. To learn more about them at

For More info on this event, go to or

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