Monday, September 21, 2009



Hey all you cool ghouls, welcome to my Midnite Spook Frolic! I hope to share some of my thoughts and interests about horror, Halloween and above all - have some fun. I'm not one of those "know it alls" who thinks my opinion is the only one - I just like to talk about horror and chill with like minded folk.

Special thanks (and apologies!) to Scary Monsters' Cosmic Drive In for the use of the "Monsters, Martians and Madmen!" subtitle. I always just loved that!

Currently I am a member of the awesome Scream Team on Hauntcast where I do the Fright Flicks & Horror Reviews segment. Shout out to my G/Host Chris Baker for asking me to join his merry band of freaks and for keeping me for - what? - almost a year now? Props also to Revenant, The Prop Guys and Shellhawk for their great segments.

I also pop in and out of HauntForum, HalloweenForum and the Florida Home Haunters board.

So, sit back, grab your cold beverage of choice - and stay scary!


  1. Yo! Thanks for checking in and joining up. I hope to get the party started soon!! :)

  2. A great start to a great blog!!!
    How very cool to begin on the evening before Autumn!

  3. Thanks, bruddah! And thanks for checkin' out this new joint.