Sunday, September 27, 2009

Scary Monsters Magazine #72


What a treat it was to make my way down the drive of stately Thunder Manor to ye olde mail box and peek inside to discover a familiar manila envelope inside. Yes, that's right - the new issue of Scary Monsters Magazine was here and in my diabolical clutches.

It was doubly sweet since I had the day off from work. After traversing the scary landscape of the front yard (much shorter than going back up the drive), I ripped open the envelope to find the fangtastic werewolf cover by Terry Beatty staring up at me. So, I knew what I had to do. What any self-respecting monster kid would do.

I immediately discarded all plans for yard work and errands, and instead popped in some classic Universal flicks into the ole DVD player, curled up with a fine beverage, and dove right into SMM #72! With the likes of Frankenstein, House of Frankenstein, Werewolf of London and The Invisible Man keeping me company all afternoon, I took in the spooktacular goodness that is Scary Monsters Magazine.

Here is a sample of the snarling scarepieces in this ish:

- A Tribute to Oliver Reed by Tom Triman
- The Curse of the Werewolf Movie Preview pictoral
- Famous Monsters Calendar Masks by Marck C. Glassy, Ph.D.
- The Cosmic Drive-In: 1980s Scare-Style Part 2 by Robert Freese
- Trick 'N Treat Memories of Little Lulu by Rod Labbe
- It's been Nice....Decomposing With You! (a spotlight on horror host Grimsley) by Jim Fetters
- A Look Inside Bela Lugoi's Personal Scrapbook Volume 3 - Bela Lugosi Drawings and Movie Theatre displays by Dennis L. Phelps
- The Many Faces of Frankenstein Part Two by Tom Triman
- How You Sven? (Spotlight on the delightful horror host Svengoolie) by Mancow
- The Wolf Man's Destiny by Jack Kelleher
- Scare-eviews by David Alex Nahmod
- Scare-News by Dr. Johnny Scareshock
- Scary DVD Headline Grues by Ron Adams

All in all, another monsterously "Beast issue ever" of A Real Monster Magazine!

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