Monday, September 21, 2009



So, yeah, like I said - and, if you're reading this, you probably already know - I enthrall the home haunting and Halloween enthusiast crowd with my all star, superspectacular, extra-fantastical Fright Flick and Horror Review segments on the one, the only - Hauntcast!!!!!

As you can tell, Chris and I have a lot of fun doing the segment. It's fun to just talk about what's going on in horror and highlight what I think is of interest to the cool folk from the haunt and Halloween boards. Hopefully everyone has as much fun listening as I do putting it together and doing it each month. Of course, my G/Host makes me sound a lot better than I do given his wizard-like editing skills! It has been an absolute pleasure and privilege being part of the show for the past almost year.

Tune in this Friday, September 25th for Episode 11!

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  1. The crew always looks forward to each episode. Thanks for keeping us entertained.